Your help is necessary!

It’s clear that more resources gives the Van Doorn Foundation the ability to provide study funding for more young people and to provide financial support to more educational projects. Your financial contribution – big or small – is therefore necessary, more than welcome and will be well spent!

You can contribute financially to learning opportunity for everyone by transferring an amount to the Van Doorn Stichting.

Our bank details are:
Rabobank – Account 0157.8489.14 – BIC RABONL2U
or IBAN NL71 RABO 0157 8489 14
Attn: Van Doorn Stichting, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Please state the purpose of your donation in the description of the transfer. If you do not specify a purpose, we will determine the destination of your donation:

  • description STUDY FUNDING
    = Your contribution is meant for study funding for youth.
    Please note: who receives the funding is decided by our board members, not by the donors.
  • description PROJECTS
    = Your contribution is meant for project funding.
    The project that receives the funding can be decided by our board members.


Of course, the amount of your donation is up to you. It’s never too small; any amount is more than welcome!

Besides giving a donation, it’s also possible to sponsor us.

We thank you in advance for your support!



The Van Doorn Foundation is recognised by the tax authorities as an ANBI - a public benefit organisation or charity (RSIN number 810 411 945). This offers tax advantages for both the Van Doorn Foundation as sponsors and donors, who may deduct donations from their corporate or income tax. For more information you can contact the Tax Office.