In the context of corporate social responsibility, sponsoring can be very interesting for companies. At the same time the Van Doorn Foundation benefits from increased brand awareness. Sponsoring cuts both ways!

We can offer our sponsors the following:

  • Mentioning your (company’s) name on our website, if preferred with a logo and URL.
  • 1-3 entries of your company’s name (as a sponsor, in referral to the sponsored project) in our digital newsletter and on our Facebook page
  • Of course, you can mention the fact that you have sponsored a specific project in your own internal and external communications like publications and your website. Also, you can share a link to the website of the Van Doorn Foundation. We are happy to supply e.g. images for your articles.
  • If you prefer, we can provide regular updates on the sponsored project. That way we can keep you informed about the way your contribution is being spent.  For each sponsor we make individual agreements on the manner and frequency of the updates.


Are you interested in sponsoring one of our projects?

Please let us know and we will contact you as soon as possible!

Click here for an overview of existing sponsors!