amount collected for phase 1 € 4,500.- and for phase 2 € 8,800.-

Vocational training for street children in Dagoretti Corner, Nairobi, Kenya

Description of the project

According to a 2012 UNICEF report, there are over 250,000 children living on the streets of Kenya, with more than 60,000 of them in Nairobi. Dagoretti located in the western part of Nairobi with a total population of around 250.000 inhabitants, is a low income area, the population earning their income in industrial labour, construction, small scale trading on groceries, and careers in carpentry, masonry and tailoring. It also includes a small middle class population those working in nearby schools, hospitals and government institutions.


In Dagoretti poverty lures many children into homelessness. They are known as 'chokoraa', an epithet that translates to 'garbage-eaters' because the children - most of them being boys - survive by scavenging through people's trash trying to find pieces of food. They are used to do the most menial jobs available in Dagoretti's open-air market, including collecting trash, cleaning filthy public toilets and transporting heavy loads around the marketplace. The wages they receive for this are barely enough to afford them a decent meal. At night, covered in sacks and plastic bags while clustering together to keep warm, the boys take turns to stay awake in order to keep watch for any forthcoming danger. They sleep outside on verandas or pavements, fully exposed to the elements.  Girls generally tend to be invisible as street children.

According several surveys however (among other by SNV/Kenya and GTZ) girls constitute on average about 25 percent of the street children. While boys often survive on collecting garbage, and help load and unload market goods, girls are forced to resort to prostitution in order to get clothes or food.

Life in the streets is based mainly on simple subsistence, without any aspiration in life. It lacks meaning and purpose because of its alienation from the mainstream society. Street children are denied an identity by the way other people treat them. But it's not entirely a hopeless situation with these children. With small, persistent efforts, they can be helped to realize their own utmost potential.

Where do we stand at the moment?

The Levozy Self Help Group is an organisation that supports street children and school drop-outs in Dagoretti and aims at providing them education, health care and to reduce their poverty (generate revenues). The organization was established in 2010. In a small vocational training centre built in the simplest way of corrugated iron sheets, the Levozy Self Help Group provides vocational training to about 50 street children in car mechanic, car electrician, in sewing and dressmaking, knitting and embroidery. A Dutch organization ‘Tools to work' provided earlier the teaching equipment while the Van Doorn Stichting supports the improvement of the school building.

We helped the Levozy Self Help Group to develop a multi-year policy plan for the organization and a business plan for the training center. To refurbish the training centre, the organization provided unskilled labourers. Van Doorn Foundation took charge of the cost for skilled labourers and the necessary materials and tools. The total project cost amounted to € 4,950 to which the Levozy Self Help Group contributed € 450. Thanks to a sponsorship from Spakenburg the Van Doorn Foundation was able to contribute the remaining € 4,500 to this great project!

The old school was demolished in the first quarter of 2016. The shed of old rusty corrugated iron sheets has been replaced by a building with a foundation, walls of steel frames and galvanized corrugated sheets, windows and doors. In the summer of 2016 the roof was placed, the ceiling fixed and walls painted in- and outside.
The final stage of the project consisted of procuring and manufacturing school furniture (school desks and benches and blackboards), which completed the project in October 2016. The project was great success, where raised funds (€ 4,500) were well spent and the Levozy Self Help Group neatly accounted for all the expenditures through progress reporting and submission of proofs of payment!

Phase 2: expansion of the school

The results are very promising and it is time to expand the capacity of this little vocational training center. Together with the Tools to Work Foundation from The Netherlands the Van Doorn Foundation wants to make additional equipment and tools available so that they can support a larger group of street children and provide them vocational training.
The required € 8,800 has been made available by KWA Bedrijfsadviseurs in Amersfoort, by a number of private donations and a contribution from the Addo Kranendonk Fund!

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  • Levozy SHG thankful for support provided

    On March 2, Paul visited the Vocational Training Centre in Dagoretti (Kenya) of the Levozy Self-Help Group. The term ‘levozy’ comes from the Bible and means ‘care for the forgotten people’. The group was founded in 2010 and consists of 12 members.

  • Rebuilding school for street children

    In the first quarter of 2016, the old trade school for street children and school dropouts in Dagoretti (Nairobi, Kenya) has been replaced by a building with a foundation, walls from steel frames and galvanized corrugated sheets, windows, doors and a roof!

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