Organisations with an education objective that want to undertake small projects to improve education opportunities for young people, but don’t have sufficient financial means, can apply for project funding if:

  • the aim of the project is to provide underprivileged young people vocational training and a better chance of finding work (*),
  • the project will be carried out in Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, Mali,  Tanzania, Uganda or Zambia,
  • the amount requested does not exceed € 5.000,- and
  • a clear project implementation plan can be submitted.


(*) The support provided by the Van Doorn Foundation may include:

  • technical assistance (to prepare a policy plan, business plan, training modules, financial administration and management of the institution) and
  • financial support for starting up new vocational training programmes (e.g. start-up costs, purchase of teaching and learning materials, equipment and tools, the initial month’s salaries of teachers, etc.).
    The Foundation will in principle not provide financial support to the construction of new schools or classrooms.


If these criteria are not met, the application will not be considered and you receive no response from the Foundation!


  • Funds will be disbursed directly to contractors and suppliers.
  • We do not reimburse previous works, so no expenses that have already been made.


Submit your request in time - the application process consists of two steps and takes some time! Application procedure and application forms