Succesfull training centre TA CRUSADE
by Marjan Schaapman on 24 February, 2017

In February/March Paul Sutmuller visited projects and project opportunities in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania - an interesting trip! In his travel report you will find his findings and experiences! Today part 1: a visit to the succesfull vocational training centre of TA CRUSADE in Uganda.



In the period 2015-2016, the Van Doorn Foundation supported TA CRUSADE in Uganda to establish a centre for vocational training in Nakifuma in the Mukono District (40 km east of Kampala). The purpose of this centre is to provide vocational training to approximately 120 vulnerable rural young people who are unable to study without financial support. By teaching them a trade and entrepreneurial skills, they will be able to escape poverty and care for themselves and their families. Realization of this project was made possible through fundraising by Marcel Van Wijk and financial contributions from the restaurants In de Kazerne (Nijmegen) and Thuis bij Fien (Wijchen), The Netherlands.


The first project Paul visited was the TA-CRUSADE Training Centre (Mukono Technical Business Institute), where he met with Ronald Lutaaya (executive director) and a number of staff members. The institute is running several courses, all for a duration of 2 years, all half-day courses: i.e. a nursery teacher course, computer course, hairdressing course, tailoring course, catering course, auto mechanic course.


The institute has about 150 intern students and 70 day students (220 in total), in average 36 students per course (18 in the morning and 18 in the afternoon). The majority pays a moderate training fee. The centre furthermore generates revenues from hairdressing, tailoring, catering and car repair. For the nursery teachers training to be recognised by the Government it was necessary to set up a model nursery class where the trainees practice.

The Van Doorn Foundation made equipment and tools available for the computer courses, catering courses, hairdressing and welding course. All courses have been visited. The students of the metalworking course (welding) have made the school furniture using the tools provided.

It was concluded that the project was successful and that the purchased equipment and tools were of good / sufficient quality. The courses attract many students and are well attended. The courses that allow income generating activities are also running well and are providing the necessary income to cover the operational cost of the institute!

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