Power supply bottleneck for PACER Polytechnic School
by Marjan Schaapman on 27 February, 2017

On February 27, Paul visited the Pacer Community Polytechnic School in Uganda. During this visit he met with Bwire Mangeni, the head teacher, all other teachers, the chairman of the board and the traditional chief of the community.


The Van Doorn Foundation helps to improve the quality of education of this school by making funds available for the procurement of training tools – provided by Tools To Work – for the different training programmes. Half of the necessary funds have been raised by SMEs in Woudenberg, The Netherlands, the other half was made available by the Addo Kranendonk Fund.


The equipment and tools made available by Tools to Work have recently been received. But as the school has to make use of a generator for electricity and as the fuel consumption of the generator is a huge burden to the operational budget of the school, equipment and tools requiring electricity have not yet put into use.
Recently, the electricity network has been extended from the city Pakwach to the school (6 km). The wiring inside the complex is yet to be done and depends on funds to be made available by the Ministry of Education, hopefully next year. Pakwach receives this electricity from Arua, but due to limited capacity the various towns / villages receive electricity in turn (not more than 6 hours a day) which is not always during lessons. A hydro-power dam is under construction, the city and the school will have to wait for a more regular supply of electricity. The school uses a number of solar panels for the use of computers and charging mobile phones. More solar panels would improve now already the electricity supply to the school.


The school has also no water supply, but that problem is now being addressed. We witnessed that a water pipeline is being laid from the water reservoir to the school (2 km) and a water tower is being built in the compound of the school.

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