Leonie Haas winner of summer competition!
by Marjan Schaapman on 08 August, 2017

The winner of our summer competition is... Leonie Haas! She made a beautiful design for the t-shirts we will have printed and sold for the Reality Tested Youth Program in Kenya! Congratulations, Leonie!


This summer the Van Doorn Foundation invited everyone to design a T-shirt that expresses our slogan: Learning opportunity for everbody! In total we received 4 contributions. The jury (the board members of the foundation) selected the great contribution of Leonie Haas as the winning design:

Voorkant _Leonie Haas 

Our congratulations go to Leonie, but we also thank Leo, Erna and Emmanuel for their contributions!


This means that we will now initiate as soon as possible the printing and selling of the T-shirts of which the profits will be for the Reality Tested Youth Program in Kenya! Keep an eye on our website and social media and make sure that you will get such a nice and special T-shirt!


PS. To see more work and designs of Leonie check Leonie Haas illustration & design

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