Improvement hygiene and sanitation in Mali
by Marjan Schaapman on 05 October, 2016

With the construction of child-friendly latrines, hygiene education and the first results of growing vegetables in a greenhouse, the project in Noukoula is now approaching its completion!


In the summer of 2016, many remarkable results were achieved in the framework of improving education in Noukoula, Mali. For example, the greenhouse delivered its first nice harvest! The greenhouse was constructed to enable parents and school children to grow vegetables close to the school for their own consumption and for sales at the market, so parents are more willing to relieve their daughters of working on farm land and to let them go to school.



But equally important has been the awareness building of the parents' committee, parents and school children on ​​hygiene and sanitation. To promote hygiene, child-friendly latrines were built earlier this year and toolkits (with a recommended composition by UNICEF WASH) for hygiene and sanitation made available. To ensure that the awareness building will yield the intended result the teachers of the school in Noukoula were trained by experts of WASH (Water-Sanitation-Health) UNICEF. The parents and school children have been taught and will in the future be taught on the importance of hygiene and sanitation!

Toiletblok3  Voorlichting Hygiene9

Voorlichting Hygiene6  Voorlichting Hygiene7

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