School furniture for kids in Noukoula
by Marjan Schaapman on 15 May, 2016

Earlier this month we reported on the construction of a greenhouse in Noukoula - as part of our project to improve education in Noukoula, Mali.

But that's not the only thing that is realized in the context of this project. Late last year new classrooms were built, made possible thanks to donations from the Fair Share Foundation, from the Addo Kranendonk Fund and from the School De Toekomst in Ede.

Early this year - much to the delight of teachers, pupils and their parents - the school furniture for the new classrooms was delivered!


IMG 0096  IMG 0098


Another important aspect of this project is the improvement of hygiene at school by training teachers, distributing hygiene kits and constructing child-friendly toilets. Here, too, an important step was made in the early months of 2016, as the child-friendly latrines have now been built!


Latrine 8   Latrines2


All these developments meant that the school was an attraction for the villagers for several weeks! And the best part of it is that GAAS-Mali has already received the first signals that parents of girls who did not yet go to school, now consider sending their daughters to school. And that would be wonderful, because that's where it all started!!


Mobilier Scolair 7   Mobilier Scolair 5

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