Improvement visible in Lambwe Valley!
by Marjan Schaapman on 15 May, 2015

In May 2015 Paul Sutmuller, our treasurer, visited in East Africa, among others the project in Lambwe Valley. How happy we are to find big smiles on the faces of the orphans and their teachers, and to see that the living conditions of the orphans in Lambwe Valley have visibly improved!


The Lambwe Valley Support Program (LOSUP) requested two years ago the support from the Van Doorn Foundation for the education of the 120 orphans under their care. Since April 2014 the Foundation provided funds to establish greenhouses for horticulture training and revenue-generation.


As a result of revenue generation in the greenhouses, but also as a result of free education policies of the government, two-third of the 120 orphans are now attending government schools, in the upper classes of primary and secondary education, and are provided with better clothing, school uniforms, shoes and teaching material. LOSUP, through its school that is run by volunteers, still provides education to the other orphans in the lower classes and also they have better clothing, school uniforms and shoes. The temporary school structure has been improved, construction of a permanent school structure is not possible at that location, as the land is owned by Government, and only temporarily made available.


Several buildings and houses in the Lambwe Valley were severally damaged by heavy storms a few months ago, so also were the greenhouses, but repair is ongoing and the greenhouses will soon be back into production. The revenues generated by the greenhouses reduced the dependency of the LOSUP on donors support, and allows continuous support to the orphans and gradually, step by step, an improvement of the living conditions and the education opportunities for those orphans.

from our photo book
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