Support strongly needed and highly appreciated
by Marjan Schaapman on 24 May, 2015

Heartbreaking stories of young women and girls in the "Safe House" in Mugumu. Severely abused and raped young women, but mostly girls who fled from home because their parents want to marry them in exchange for a number of cows and force the girls to traditional gruesome circumcision.

Impressive and admirable, the support offered by ACT Mara Diocese to these young women and girls, i.e. shelter, food, counseling and legal assistance. All under the enthusiastic and passionate leadership of Rhobi Samwelly, who has had her own dramatic experiences.

Pleased that Van Doorn Foundation has been able to contribute, in the form of a vocational training centre, where young women and girls learn a trade and receive the necessary distraction. Proudly they showed us their first acquired skills.

from our photo book
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