Two milestones in Mwanza
by on 19 May, 2015

On Tuesday 19th of May 2015, we had the first graduation of students from OMEGA vocational training centre in Buhongwa-Mwanza, established by MULEBA Association for Women, with a contribution of Van Doorn Foundation; but also the launch of a new centre (Empower People with Disabilities) in Mwanza by SIDO (Small Industries Development Organization) with some support from the Van Doorn Foundation. Two milestones!


The OMEGA vocational training centre completed the first course for tailor training and computer training. Representatives of local government and the parents of the students were present at this first graduation. A milestone, but MULEBA Association for Women is still facing challenges to make the centre financially sustainable, not the least, by increasing the number of participants in the courses.

SIDO has besides the Mwanza Sewing Training Centre now also set up an Empower People with Disabilities Centre. In the Empower People with Disabilities Centre, students learn tailor and Batik fabrics skills. The Van Doorn Foundation made the tools for creating batik fabrics available. These and other initiatives of SIDO enable enterprising and innovative young people to set up small businesses. SIDO is an important partner for the Van Doorn Foundation in setting up vocational training centers in Tanzania. Cooperation with "Gered Gereedschap" or "Tools for Solidarity" makes it possible to provide young entrepreneurs with the toolkits they need to start their business.

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