Greenhouse and water well for Noukoula!
by Marjan Schaapman on 15 December, 2015

We had to wait till the end of the rainy season, but finally: thanks to the sponsorship of Rabobank / Share4More a greenhouse could be set up in Mali. A start can now be made with teaching horticulture and growing vegetables for consumption by the school kids and the remainder to be sold on the local market. We look forward to the pictures of the first crop!

SAM 1712 1


And there's more good news from Mali, because they started with drilling a well and constructing a water tower! Not only the school children, but all villagers of Noukoula will benefit from this!


SAM 1778 SAM 1787


Two important milestones to improve education in Noukoula, Mali.

from our photo book
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