Transport material to Mali a big challenge
by Paul Sutmuller on 02 August, 2015


In late July we received the first progress report from Noukoula (Mali) regarding GAAS-Mali's horticulture - greenhouse project,, which showed that it was a big challenge to get the materials for the greenhouse to Noukoula in Mali.


The materials are not available in West Africa (previous projects in West Africa, just as we, had to import the materials from Europe) and to import and transport them to a country that has no sea port and partly in the hands of rebels, has been a challenge without precedent for the Van Doorn Foundation.


The Malian authorities collaborated well and no import tax had to be paid, GAAS-Mali did a fantastic job by transporting the materials from the container terminal in Bamako to remote Noukoula. School management and the school committee were clearly surprised by the arrival of the materials!


The next challenge is to use the manuals that have been made available, to erect the greenhouse themselves. But for that we must wait until the end of the rain season.

from our photo book
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