Daya Mina named 'best home'!
by Marjan Schaapman on 17 August, 2015

We received from the chairperson of the Daya Mina Foundation in The Netherlands this beautiful message about the Daya Mina school in Colombo. Since 2013 the Van Doorn Foundation supports training for a number of disabled children in this school.


"Recently Daya Mina Colombo was inspected by the Department of Social Services of Sri Lanka. Inspectors appraised the home with the maximum gain of 200 points. The reviewers called the Daya Mina home "the best home in the district"!!

Our congratulations go out to those who have made this great result possible. The teachers, the students and management are rightly very proud of this assessment.

The inspectors judged the homes in many aspects, from main aspects as education, multilingualism and multiculturalism of the homes, to details like having a suggestion box.


The inspectors made also a series of recommendations. The most important being:

  • The Congregation of Sisters of Charity of Jesus and Mary is responsible for the daily running of the homes and provides a significant part of the staff. The team of sisters working for the young people with intellectual disabilities, should have more continuity.
  • A team of experienced sisters should train young sisters, so as to ensure knowledge transfer. Here lies a task for the Congregation.
  • Sisters are trained as specialist in the care of people with intellectual disabilities and if they remain available also as teachers for the target group, their knowledge will not be lost, In addition, they build a bond with the students and it is very undesirable that this bond is broken as a result of a posting elsewhere.
  • Within the three homes there is a good basis for training teachers and for the involvement of external people such as doctors, nurses, orthopedagogues in the training. Recently a start was made with setting up a training and it is a challenge for all stakeholders to expand this.


We, the Daya Mina Foundation in The Netherlands wholeheartedly endorse these recommendations and our policy for the coming years, in consultation with our Sri Lankan partners, will focus on these issues."

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