Milestone for LOSUP: first greenhouse ready
by Marjan Schaapman on 17 December, 2014

The first greenhouse has been set up in Lambwe Valley (Kenya)... and got its first harvest! Good news for LOSUP (Lambwe SUPport Orphans) organisation, in making a first step towards the establishment of horticultural education for about 120 orphans.


LOSUP is an organization that supports approximately 120 orphans and children from single-parent families from the wide and sparsely populated area of the Lambwe Valley  by looking for foster families, providing shelter, nutrition (at school) and education. LOSUP wanted to expand the current primary school with lower agricultural education, initially by setting up greenhouses (for horticulture) and - in the longer term - by establishing a dairy farm. So the children will be able to learn farming skills, which they would have otherwise learned from their parents. 


In November, the first milestone in this project was achieved by obtaining the first harvest from the first a greenhouse. Part of the crop harvested in the greenhouse will be for own consumption, the other part will be sold on the market in Homa Bay. By generating revenues from the sale of vegetables and dairy, LOSUP may reduce its dependency on local and international donations.


But we are not there yet. In July, a fundraising started at Restaurant 'In de Kazerne' (Nijmegen) and Restaurant 'Thuis bij Fien' (Wijchen). Among others through this fundraising half of the EUR 8000 needed for the project, has been raised, and could the first greenhouse be built. A second greenhouse will be built in early 2015 once sufficient experience with 'greenhouse farming' has been gained and sufficient funds are available.


Here you can read more about the project LOSUP - Greenhouse in Lambwe Valley, Kenia

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