Our organisation

The Van Doorn Foundation was set up on October 26, 2001. The aim of the Foundation is to provide financial support to young people in developing countries, whose parents or caretakers don’t have sufficient financial means to let their children follow education.

All income of the foundation – which mainly consists of subsidies, donations and other gifts (e.g. inheritances and legacies) – is used for the primary goal of financing the education of young people or supporting financially to small scale projects. The Foundation has a board, advisors and contact persons in the target countries who all work as volunteers. None of them receive a remuneration or reimbursement for travel or accommodation expenses.

The Board (consisting of six board members) meets at least once every three months and discusses the policy implementation, identifies actions and strategies and distributes the action for policy implementation.

Applications for study and project funding are not discussed in the board meetings. Applications for study and project funding are managed by the secretariat of the Foundation. The secretariat sends twice a year (June and October) all applications (for study and project finance) received until that date to the board members who are then asked to rate / score the applications. Based on the combined score / rating of all board members, applications are accepted or rejected.

For project funding the Board appoints, depending on available capacity, a board member to take responsibility for the provision of the necessary technical assistance, fund raising or monitoring.

For the sake of a good and clear communication and to prevent corruption and malpractice in the case of study funding, contacts are identified with the relevant educational institutions. These contacts will be asked to judge the urgency of study funding and to inform the foundation on student registration and progress of the student’s education. The Foundation pays the tuition fees directly to the educational institution, in local currency, on the bank account of the institution.

In the case of project funding, contacts are identified with local authorities. Through these contacts, the local government is asked to consent to the proposed project activity. The project funding is in principle paid directly to the suppliers of goods, in local currency, on the bank account of the supplier.

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