Our mission

What do you want to become when you grow up? What school do you want to attend? Virtually every Dutch child can easily answer these questions. It’s so evident:  children (have to!) attend primary school and after that, secondary education, and finally they learn a job. Ranging from vocational training to university:  virtually everybody can enrol in an education which meets their levels and needs, and therefore giving everyone a chance on the job-market. 

But if you are not as fortunate as to grow up in a country like The Netherlands, it’s a different story. Going to school is an option only available to few children in third-world counties, and this is not due to learning-abilities, but more often, just an issue of lack of money.  


Our aim is to enable those vulnerable and financially less fortunate youths in third-world countries to attend education programs, in order to increase their chances to find jobs to provide for themselves and their families.

Because we believe that education is the most powerful tool in the battle against poverty. 

Because we believe in giving a ‘learning opportunity for everybody’.

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